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Description of "cardiologist"; link to ESVC

In many places around the world and in most European countries there are very strict criteria set out what is a "veterinary cardiologist" as the subject, what levels of training must have covered such a specialist and what rights and responsibilities he has. In countries where there are no specific regulations and postgraduate system (as is the case in Bulgaria), veterinarians strive to specialize themselves in an area and gradually become 'specialists' after a period of time, which correlates with their enthusiasm, opportunities and clinical practice .

The main purposes of BAVC is exactly that - to bring together vets working in the field of Veterinary Cardiology, to set criteria and standards around which they can unite, to be the face of Veterinary Cardiology in Bulgaria, open to Europe and the world.

Some of these regulations are sown at the official website of ESVC (European Society of Veterinary Cardiology):


You can check here where in Bulgaria close to your place there are BAVC vet members with interest and experience in the field of cardiology.

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